Sunday, November 21, 2010


Why we love it:

Pom Pom (or Frou Frou, depending on where you are) has a selection of shoes straight outta Tim Burton's closet, that is, if Tim Burton wore women's shoes...which I'm sure he does on occasion. They are whimsical plus wonderful plus “wow, I love these!” Go! Indulge! I insist! - S

Frou Frou is such a cute and eclectic store in the market (also, Pom Pom, in the Glebe) - I actually found my grade 12 graduation/prom dress here...Of course no one had it, which was awesome. I love coming in here just to check things out. There is a huge range of stuff - jewelry, dresses, hats, coats and of course, SHOES. So many shoes to choose from, and they are all so different and unique. The staff are always super friendly and helpful too! My last purchase here - the best coral, chunky knit hat you have ever seen, complete with a big Pom Pom (fitting, no?). - J

Frou Frou
11A William St.
Ottawa, ON

Pom Pom
732 Bank St.
Ottawa, ON


  1. Have you guys checked out rag time? its on Flora and Bank.

  2. ragtime is great! but for some reason, you aren't allowed to take photos there.