Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Why we love it:

I am keen on canteen! Every time I leave Ottawa's gallery/art shop I feel three inches cooler and get this sudden urge to explore my craft box. The art books are phenomenal: stuff you can't get anywhere else and they always have the greatest notebooks and stationaries. The local artwork featured in the gallery at the back is always worth a visit as well! Keep calm and carry on!!! - S

I love going into canteen and browsing through the great selection of books. I like to consider myself an "artsy" person sometimes, so this place definitely makes me feel at home. It's a small space with big ambitions, and it's a great support for local talent. The back gallery space changes often, and it's always nice to see what Ottawa's artists have to offer. I've also had my eye on a few prints for a while now - especially the Day of the Dead "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters. And since I have an odd obsession with notebooks, I managed to buy two, one of which was a great shade of fluorescent orange. Sweet! - J

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