Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why we love it: Simply Biscotti

I stumbled upon this little biscotti shop on my last walk through Ottawa's historic Little Italy. With a sunny patio spot, delicious baked goods and imported treats, I immediately felt the shop deserved a little Capital Oh attention. I indulged in their speciality Easter biscotti (it was Easter Sunday), delissshh! - S

Simply Biscotti

354 Preston St.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why We love it: Raw Sugar Cafe

The whimsical, eclectic decor is reason enough to visit Ottawa's Raw Sugar Cafe in Chinatown. Although a quiet location for study, lunch or coffee with friends during the day, Raw Sugar hosts Ottawa's independent music scene at night and musicians from all over Canada travel to play this quaint yet charismatic venue. The Cafe also acts as a gallery for local artists and photographers. Raw sugar Cafe is a hub of capital arts and culture and it's definitely worth a visit...or several visits the next time you find yourself in the city. - S

Raw Sugar Cafe

613 216-2850
692 Somerset st.w

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dans La Rue: Ottawa Fashion Week-- Part 2

Once again these are LATE but Emily and Anastasiya (incredible designers), Brittney, the editors of LoveXpress magazine and Julia deserve recognition for their incroyable style.  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Summary and Apology

Hey Friends, it's been a while....unfortunately when things started getting super exciting for Capital Oh! at Fashion Week, exams and term papers crept up on J and S and we unfortunately had no choice but to boycott the blog--just for a little while--while we got our lives back in order. SORRY! Now that all that is over, expect a whole lotta bloggin in the very near future. Here's a quick photo summary of our fashion week stuff, late, I know. ..but as I said it was too much for us to blog and be A+++ (yeah right) students at the same time. We're gonna go back to our original posts very soon, as in like, tomorrow, and I'm not sure if we've mentioned this before but if anyone has any suggestions for stuff we should cover (stores, events, cool landmarks...) send 'em this way:

1.) Fashionistas at intermission
2.) Birds of North America
3.) Finale Designer Adrian Wu
4.) Designer Adrian Wu's Finale
5.) J's incredible shoes!

So that was fashion week! (well...most of it) We highly recommend heading to fashion week in the fall, if not for the shows than for the networking. J and I met so many incredible Ottawa UP-AND-COMERS and were once again reminded of the COOL that exists in this CARAAAZYY CAPITAL. - S