Monday, November 28, 2011

Why we Love it:  Milieux

Those Architecture kids at Carleton sure know how to throw a party--J and I can attest! This year, Milieux (formerly Kosmic) will take place at Aberdeen Pavilion in Landsdowne Park THIS THURSDAY. All proceeds of the event go to Architecture for Humanity (AFH), a non-profit organization that provides architecture services to developing countries around the globe. Tickets are sold both in the University Centre at Carleton and the Architecture building every day leading up to the event. It's too Capital-cool to handle, Ottawa: the incredible installations, DJs, and bands make this night virtually unmissable. Get your tickets! - S

Here's Milieux on Facebook. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why We Love it: Heavens To Betsy

So I totally visited this place in the summer and (silly me) forgot to post on this Capital-Cool retailer! So here you go. I decided to give this post a holiday theme--too early you say? I don't think so!

Located in Wellington West, Heavens to Betsy screams holiday gift-giving. The bright pink sign and funky mural will immediately remind you of your quirky mother, and the perfect present will await you inside (this actually happened to me last year)! Specializing in ironic gifts, unique jewelry, clothing and an extensive range of holiday ornaments, HTB is the PLACE TO BE this shopping season. Its website describes it as a "Nic Nac Bonanza"--isn't that reason enough to make the trip? - S

Heavens to Betsy
1111 Wellington Street
613 722 1917

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Capital Oh: "Quirky Couture"

We're usually not into posting photos of ourselves on this site (it's not about us!) but we can't help but direct your attention to this lovely interview/style profile fellow Ottawa Blogger Loren Romei (Lo's Stylebook) published yesterday. Loren's an aspiring fashion journalism student studying at Carleton and we had so much fun dressing up chatting with her a couple of weeks ago. Here's the interview. Thanks Loren!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

As you have probably noticed, a strange man with some pretty impressive lip foliage, has taken over our header, and with good reason.   That's right ladies and gents - it's that time of year again - the time where the boyz II men in our lives decide it's a good idea to grow some mo's for the month, otherwise known as Movember.  Moustaches will be showing up on guys everywhere, and all for a good cause.  The aim of the month is to raise awareness as well as funds for men's health, prostate cancer in particular.  So, in honour of this new tradition, us Capital Oh girls are doing our part to show some support!  My dad's even got his own Mo'space page - check it out!  Donate! 

Our new header (courtesy of the lovely Diana Brucculieri) will be up for the whole month, so you better get used to that lip duster.  Now, it's time to separate the men from the boys - get growin'!  - J

For more information or to donate, check out Movember Canada

Sunday, November 6, 2011

One Year Later: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale

My trip to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale last November was one of my first inspiring discoveries in Ottawa for Capital Oh. I knew the seemingly sleepy city had a secret to uncover and my trip to the sale last year confirmed my suspicions. The event is pure magic. The setting at the Chateau Laurier transports visitors to another era and the furs, dresses and accessories are de-licious. I was so happy I could share the event with J this year too. We both scored some  treasures as well. A gorgeous (and crazy-reasonably  priced!!) fur shawl for myself, and a gold collar necklace for J. Also check out the lingerie set-want, want, want! Yay vintage! - S