Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why We Love it: Heavens To Betsy

So I totally visited this place in the summer and (silly me) forgot to post on this Capital-Cool retailer! So here you go. I decided to give this post a holiday theme--too early you say? I don't think so!

Located in Wellington West, Heavens to Betsy screams holiday gift-giving. The bright pink sign and funky mural will immediately remind you of your quirky mother, and the perfect present will await you inside (this actually happened to me last year)! Specializing in ironic gifts, unique jewelry, clothing and an extensive range of holiday ornaments, HTB is the PLACE TO BE this shopping season. Its website describes it as a "Nic Nac Bonanza"--isn't that reason enough to make the trip? - S

Heavens to Betsy
1111 Wellington Street
613 722 1917

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