Friday, November 12, 2010

The French Baker

Why we love it:

The rich smell wafting out of Ottawa's The French Baker is enough to trigger an intense mouth-watering for baked goodies. With glistening crescents, delectable pastries, and an atmosphere that makes you suddenly feel all chic and Parisian, Julia and I immediately scheduled a breakfast date here in the very near future! - S

As soon as you walk in to The French Baker, you can smell the buttery goodness of the flaky croissants - The Baker's specialty (and Paula Deen would definitely approve). It is a quaint little pastry shop up front, and in the back there is the lovely Benny's Bistro, a perfect spot for breakfast/brunch/lunch. I loved the black and white tile, with primary colour accents - best! - J

The French Baker/Benny's Bistro
119 Murray St. (Byward Market) Ottawa, ON


  1. Boko and Rideau Bakery are also fantastic if you're ever looking for awesome baked goods.

  2. Thanks! I actually work really close to Boko and I always want their baked goods! We we definitely have to check those two places out!