Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ottawa Fashion Week - Day 2

Day two of fashion week really exciting!  Ralph Leroy got us fired up when he sent a dancer down the runway with flaming batons to open his colourful show.  Then we got a shocking surprise when Alexis Reyna stomped down the runway during his own show, wearing nothing but tiny mesh shorts...And by nothing, I mean NOTHING - he was definitely not afraid to let it all hang out.  As S put it, "that definitely woke everyone up!"  Our favourite of the night had to be Travis Taddeo, who's airy colour palette and light fabrics were perfect for the warm summer season.  Walking in his show was Ottawa's very own top model, and ELLE cover girl, Herieth Paul.  It was really nice to see her supporting her hometown.  
- J and S 

1) Alexis Reyna photographing the media pit in his (almost) birthday suit
2) Fire dancer opening the show at Ralph Leroy
3) Alexis Reyna
4) Ann and Lauren of Aritzia
5) Amber Watkins, swimwear designer
6) The closing looks at Travis Taddeo
7) Stylish showgoers
8) Artist, Lana Greben
9) Walker Tamblyn and Emma of Hand Down Your Pants Vintage


  1. Travis Taddeo's was my favourite collection as well that night, hands down. And the shorts! Oh gosh, those were traumatizing.

  2. Shout outs are all the rage these days
    love the blog