Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Fashion Week: Day 3

So fashion week always manages to occur right before university crunch time, meaning that J and I have been too busy falling asleep on our laptop key boards to update this lovely little blog thing. But that doesn't mean we didn't have an awesome day 3 of fashion week! We did! It was so awesome. Samuel Dong's painfully-pretty floral and butterfly-printed dresses left us drooling, while Rachel Sin's collection left us craving a fruity cocktail (and a cocktail dress). We also met Nicole from MTV! She's kinda famous, it was exciting. And J and S's matching pleated skirts and center-parted hair were perfectly praise-worthy, if I do say so myself. There were also wedding dresses,  Harieth Paul, Jeanne Becker via satellite, and so many new friends! This was by far my favourite night of the weekend (other than when that awful woman at the Corel booth told me I could only take one piece of Halloween candy. How dare she? Why wasn't there free food at this event? Why?). See you next spring Ottawa Fashion Week! - S

1.)Samuel Dong
2.)Rachel Sin
3.)The Media Pit[look at that hilarious smiling, waving guy!]
4.)Nicole from MTV!
5.)This woman had the most fantastic dress on!
6.)I don't know who these girls are but they sure rock the pleats!
7.)Rachel Sin
8.)Samuel Dong

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