Monday, October 24, 2011

Appletree Thrift Shop

A little while ago (when checking out the PunkOttawa flea market) I stumbled upon the A.P.P.L.E. Tree Thrift Shop, in the basement of the Bronson centre.  A.P.P.L.E. (A Post Psychiatric Leisure Experience) aims to provide support and recreation for individuals dealing with emotional, psychiatric and mental health challenges.  The "shop" is run by Disability Works, a program funded by the Trillium Foundation, and they provide free work clothing to those with disabilities, plus the funds go towards the disability centre.  I got to talking with the lady in charge, who was just so sweet.  She was so passionate about the cause, which made the conversation and my whole visit such a pleasure.  She was so excited that someone had come in to check it out, I couldn't resist posting about it.  We here at Capital Oh love using fashion (and shopping) for a good cause, so I highly suggest you head on over to the Bronson centre to check out this little set up.  And they don't have only clothes, but accessories and housewares too!  They are always accepting donations, and we know how many clothes you've got pouring out of your closets - why not donate the things you haven't worn in a while?  I'm sure someone would love that year old dress just as much as you did when you bought it!

Oh, and another thing!  This Saturday, for all you ghouls and gals who are looking for some Halloween fun, they are hosting a dance.  Tickets are $10, and they will have hamburgs, hotdogs, soft drinks and beer for sale PLUS live entertainment.  Sounds good to me! - J

211 Bronson Ave. (basement)

Check out for more info! 

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