Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good Bye Cafe Nostalgica

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This is the end of an era, Café Nostalgica has reached its end. On Friday, its past and new guests had gathered to pay a tribute to the last standing moments of the wonderful house.
For those of you who visited Café Nostalgica over the years, for breakfast, a drink or a show, this place will be missed dearly. I have had the chance to go to a few different events this past year and enjoyed an atmosphere of music, authenticity and art. And for all of you who never had a chance to come by, you can rest assure! Café Nostalgica is closing down for reconstruction so hopefully you will be able to create new memories and experiences there in no time!
Last Friday consisted of an open mic that begun in the morning and continued later on into performances of the Nostalgica employees (with the wonderful “Nostalgica Blues” song), past musical guests, music enthusiasts and friends!

Café Nostalgica, thank you for the great experiences, I hope the next building will be just as amazing! - Lim

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