Saturday, January 1, 2011


Why we love it:

Have you ever gone vintage shopping and thought, "man, I'm like, so hungry right now!"? The founders of Ottawa's Aunt Olive's sure have and created this quaint vintage-cafe located on Elgin Street as the answer to both your shopping and dining prayers. I have used the adjective "delicious" in the past to describe anything remarkably wonderful, yet Aunt Olive's is a whole new level of delicious. With both a mouth-watering selection of vintage clothes and a mouth-watering menu, Aunt Olive's is a must-visit in the Capital's downtown. -S

This was the first time I had been into Aunt Olive's (surprisingly - I have no clue how I had not been there before!) and I really loved the idea of a cafe and a vintage shop mixed into one. Pretty clever if you ask me, because I always find that shopping works up an appetite. There's also a record shop in the basement which is always fun to look at. Good food, good music and great clothes - that is my kind of place. Definitely check it out! -J

209 Gilmour Street
Ottawa, ON

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  1. I love Aunt Olives - and this blog! I was living in Ottawa for the past two years but I have been in Germany since October, your posts are such a lovely reminder of all the places that make Ottawa special.

    x Dayna