Friday, January 7, 2011


Why We Love It:

I love a good glossy--who doesn't? And Mags and Fags on Elgin Street is an essential stop on my downtown excursions. They have everything from Interview to Modern Dog (my two personal favourites) and a fun, fantastic selection of gifts as well. Also, the staff are quite charming, according to Capital Oh's J--she works there part-time. -S

So, As S said, I do work here, which might make me a tad bit biased, but in all honesty I love this store. If there's one thing everyone knows or should know about me, it's that I am a HUGE magazine junkie - my collection grows everyday, so essentially, walking in is often like my dream world. They always have what I'm looking for (V, 10, i-D - the best!) and then-some (Dairy Goat Farmer's Journal anyone?). Aside from Mags, they (or should I say we) have the best and funniest selection of greeting cards around. Come visit me sometime...and if you were wondering what that handsome guy up there is spelling, it is most definitely the word "blog". Eric's got skillz. :) -J

Mags & Fags
254 Elgin Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 0G1
613) 233-9651


  1. I just discovered your blog and cani just say that is is absolutely awesome...keep it comng!
    love K

  2. that hand gesture is not easy to do!