Saturday, December 25, 2010


Why we like it:

Entering White Monkey is entering the funkiest of yesterdays. Bursting at the seams with a groovy selection of antique odds and ends, the store's wares are complimented by stark black and white wall stripes. For a gift for mom, dad, a friend, or a little something for yourself, White Monkey is fabulous, one of Capital Oh's favourite adventures yet. AND the owner has built a movie set for Tori Spelling. Tooo cooool. - S

I definitely think White Monkey was my favourite place so far. I could stay in there for hours and just get lost looking through everything. The place is an old house, and each room is just filled with stuff...lots and lots of stuff. There was even an old kitchen with retro appliances - it was perfect. The owner was great to talk to as well - he's been in the entertainment industry and uses a lot of his "stuff" for movie and stage sets (as S said - Tooo Coool!). I'm also slightly biased to love the store because of all the black and white goodness - best! - J

395 Gladstone Ave.
Ottawa, ON
Open Thursday to Saturday: 10 - 5, Sunday: 12 - 5