Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome to Capital Oh! You've stumbled upon a great place, and we hope you enjoy reading and exploring along with us!

But first, a little back story:

We (Sarah and Julia) are students in Ottawa who want to find all of the coolest places we can in this city that has such a bad rap. I mean sure, everything seems to close early, and some may say that there isn't a whole lot to do, but we are on a mission to prove this theory wrong. We'll be bringing you the best in shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, music venues, parties, and whatever else we can think of! Hopefully you find these places as cool as we do. Oh, and to add to the madness, we will always be looking for individuals with sweet style on the streets of this beautiful capital city. Keep your eyes peeled, and your outfits fresh...you never know when we might find you!


- S and J


  1. I look forward to hearing more from you gals. Funk your Junk is a great store. I had the pleasure of writing a review of their store earlier this year. Ottawa certainly needs more shops like FYJ.

  2. Happy to find a cute blog based in my hometown! Keep it up!



  3. You need to check out HUSH on wellington and Island park, it is by far Ottawa's best kept secret!