Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Why we love it:

I picture the Victoire girl sitting on a Harley Davidson while carefully devouring a mint green-frosted cupcake. She’s left the tea party for the open-road and she’s dressed for the occasion. Chocked full of quirky, feminine, Canadian-designed pieces, Victoire can easily be called an Ottawa fashion authority. Its interior is a delightful mix of Lewis Carroll’s day dreams and your grandmother’s basement and I often find myself drifting around the store in a fairytale- like trance before I even remember I’m shopping. Go now! -S

I love the entire set up and decor of this place. The racks in the middle of the store hang from the ceiling, and seem to float above ground. The staff are always happy to help you out when picking the perfect dress (and let me tell you, they have TONS of gorgeous dresses, among other things). Sarah stated it perfectly, as Lewis Caroll's dreams and your grandmothers basement. Entering the store is sure to offer a pleasant experience,even if you don't walk away with anything. -J

Byward Market
246 Dalhousie St.
Ottawa, ON

Wellington Village
1282 Unit B Wellington St. West
Ottawa, ON

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