Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why we Love it: Art Is In Bakery

Located just a couple of steps away from the Bayview O-train stop, Art Is In Boulangerie is an Ottawa brunch hot spot. It was hoppin' when J and I visited--but for good reason! They have pretty much the best bread I've ever had. No, seriously when I used to buy their baguettes at the Lansdowne farmer's market, I would eat the ENTIRE baguette in a matter of hours. I literally had to fight my roommate off a few times whenever I'd bring home their Jalapeno Cheddar bread because it was THAT GOOD. And you know what? Art Is In may be known for their bread, but they also house incredible soups, sammies, and baked goodies. J and I had delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. We finished them so fast that we both realised after the fact that we didn't even photograph them for the blog (our empty plates are pictured). So I had to ask some kind strangers if I could take pictures of their sandwiches. They politely obliged, but I could tell they wanted those sandwiches FAST so I was quick. Check Art Is In out. I will seriously come with you! - S

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