Friday, February 1, 2013

Capital Oh-So-Cute
I am a firm believer in puppy-therapy. Spend a few minutes with a dog, and your life instantly gets better. At the end of December, J and I took a quick trip into A Guy, A Girl, Two Dogs, and a Cat to hang out with some furry pals and get out of the cold. We both left automatically feeling like the world was a better place. I highly reccomend you do the same thing. Don't live downtown? Why don't you ask people you see walking their dogs if you can say hello (always ask first!)? They almost always say yes, because it's a compliment to them for having such a rad pooch. Seriously, dog-friends are the best therapists, take it from me. - S


  1. Puppy therapy is the best! Spending time with puppies makes everything better!

    Kate xo

  2. Hi Ladies,

    Hope you had a great weekend! Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Leibster Award:

    xo Kate

  3. pets can lift your mood in seconds I agree :) The puppies/dogs in this post are super cute!