Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last weekend, Ottawa hosted its very own version of the crazy cool art show/festival thing (it's really hard to classify exactly what it is...don't judge me) Nuit Blanche.  From 6:22pm to 4:23am, people were able to roam around our capital city and participate in plenty of interactive art events.  Considering this was Ottawa's first time hosting the event, I'll be extra nice and give the city the benefit of the doubt here - I really expecting a lot more excitement!  I mean, walking through galleries at 4am could have been so cool, but I while I was out I just kind of felt that the excitement for the night had already passed.  That being said, there were some pretty cool things to be seen - elephant sculptures in the courtyard, drawing rooms with paint for everyone to join in,  a chalk wall expressing life goals, and a colourful series of vigil paintings around the fountain.   Since this was only Ottawa's first time, we really couldn't know what to expect.  But things will only get better - looking forward to the next one! - J

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  1. Gorgeous photos - can't wait until next year's Nuit Blanche!

    Kate xo