Friday, June 8, 2012

Exhibit: The Museum of Nature--Unrequited Death

I've figured out my calling in life: whale riding. Yes, faithful readers, whale riding. After shedding my blood, sweat and tears as Communications student at Carleton, my trip to the  The Canadian Museum of Nature 's Whales Tohora exhibit finally revealed my true calling. How cool would that be? No, but seriously, this unique Maori tradition, which is explored at length in the  main exhibit, is pretty neat stuff. Whales aside, J and S's trip to the museum that hovers like a magical castle above Centretown was for a special exhibit entitled Unrequited Death by Canadian artist Helen Gregory. Gregory's showcase, which explores the nature of artifacts and the obsession of collection, features intricate paintings and sculptures. Her impressively detailed images of natural specimens juxtaposed with Victorian aesthetics are definitely worth viewing in-person. So go! Museum's are cool! And if you're like me and are aching for new adventures right now, Ottawa's many museums offer adventures a'plenty. Capital Cool. - S

The Canadian Museum of Nature may not seem like it needs to be uncovered, as it's one of the most popular sites for visitors in our capital city. However, S and I are always up for exploring, which is why when we received an email encouraging us to check out a special exhibition at the CMN, we were very intrigued.  The exhibition is called Unrequited Death, and it features a collection of paintings done by a Canadian artist named Helen Gregory.  The paintings contrast Victorian backgrounds with images of preserved specimens, like birds and skeletons.  It really was cool to see, and I would highly recommend checking this out.  Check out the whales while you're there too - S and I definitely loved the whale sound station :) - J

Unrequited Death 
Canadian Museum of Nature
Open until September 3, 2012

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