Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why We Love it: Wabi-Sabi

My beautiful best friend, Sophie, was visiting over the weekend so naturally I sent her on a Capital Oh adventure. We haven't really explored the Hintonburg area yet, so we decided this was the best place for Sophie to begin. The results do not disappoint. With a little wandering, Sophie was able to uncover Hintonburg's unique sparkle. - S

Sophie: First stop: Wabi-Sabi. First thought: Wasabi…? Sushi…? Nope, none of the above. Wabi-Sabi is a wonder-FULL store for all of you knitting, spinning, and weaving fanatics (like myself), as well as for all & any beginners (they offer courses in knitting, sewing, felting, spinning and weaving, and some for the kidlets too!) The store bursts with vibrant and tantalizing wools, yarns, and fibres of all kinds, and I could immediately feel the cozy potential of everything around me. On the back wall, they had some of their yarns hanging, unwound, in a tempting display. I loved this way of displaying the yarn, seeing as I could get a great sense of their color/texture/softness… which was a feast for the eyes (and hands)! Of course, I couldn’t leave empty-handed, and I bought some luscious plant-dyed yarn for myself (originally from a small fiber studio on Salt Spring Island – Kattikloo), and have already begun knitting a lace-like spring scarf! Wicked. All in all, this store is super cool, friendly, and bursting with creative energy… happy creating!

Wabi-Sabi : “a Japanese term describing beauty that is imperfect and incomplete. And that sort of describes working with fibre and wool with all the fuzzy bits and that.” (pulled from the business card).

1078 Wellington Street

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