Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why we love it: Pressed

So J and I have been pretty lame bloggers as of late, but we haven’t forgotten about Capital Oh, we swear! In fact, the blogging break we took was a great opportunity to seek out a multitude of people, places, and events to cover in the next few weeks, so please, keep reading. Our first visit of twenty-twelve was to Pressed on Albert and Gladstone, a sandwich shop with extensive flavour. Although the location was not one I was familiar with personally, it was a rewarding visit, and reminded J and I of our love affair with city-exploration. Pressed’s sandwiches are phenomenal, and the atmosphere is totally cool too—instead of traditional booths, the café uses old wooden church pews, which are surprisingly comfortable. We chatted a bit with the owner who hopes to turn the café into a music venue as well, and is already hosting an open-mike afternoon on Sundays. Delicious food, eclectic interior and what I’m sure will be some promising entertainment make Pressed the worthiest of visits. - S

As S mentioned, finding this cute little sandwich shop reminded us of how much we love exploring this city we currently call home.  Plus - any restaurant that features the combination of mozzarella and tomatoes in some shape or form has my definite stamp of approval. The bread is chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside and true to its name, freshly hot pressed when you order. You also get yummy homemade sweet potato chips and perfectly pickled string beans to compliment your sammy.  You can bet that S and I will be visiting Pressed quite often...SO many sandwich options, so little time.  - J

750 Gladstone
613 680 9294

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  1. OOOH I love hearing about new find!

    i'll be visiting pressed for sure :)