Monday, May 30, 2011

Why we love it: June's

Everything Ottawa-cool is so tucked away! June's antiques in Hintonburg, for example, is probably one of my favourite stops of our Capital Oh expeditions, yet you really gotta hunt for some of these places. June of June's (or at least, I'm assuming this was June...?) informed me when I asked to take photos that "everyone does" and it's no surprise: the antique store is home to everything from creepy naked mannequins, jewelery and religious paraphernalia to old mascot heads and antique furniture--it's essentially an alternative photographer's candyland. It's sort of like shopping in your extremely eccentric great aunt's attic. So go to June's! Get to know this city! You'll find places like this one--slightly creepy, hard to move around in and yet way too cool to miss if you're in to offbeat shopping experiences. There's also a painfully adorable cairn terrier in the window...GOSAYHALLOTOTHALILPUPPYWUPPY. -S

1094 Somerset W near Spadina and Wellington


  1. Could you post her phone #'s also? Her hours are sort of fortuitous! Makes it difficult to plan a visit. And also, she moved a few doors down the street (same side)