Saturday, February 12, 2011

Invisible Cinema
Why We Love It:

It's no secret, and I'm hoping J and I are starting to prove, that the COOL in Canada's Capital is often overlooked. Many of Ottawa's hidden gems are literally invisible, but upon some exploration, reveal a truly special city. Like this place! Invisible Cinema: where one can rent essentially every great film ever created (and of course some of the not-so-great ones) and take in the work of local artists in the in-store gallery. The store sorta feels like your stepping in to someone's at-home cinema collection, complete with comfy chairs and couches. When I saw Indivisible's copy of Tommy Wiseau's horribly wonderful The Room on display, I immediately felt at home. -S

You might not think that a video store is all that special, but trust me, Invisible Cinema is. First of all, they import movies from all over the world, and you are sure to find that one you've been looking for for AGES. They've got indie films, foreign films, Bollywood films, "blaxpoloitation" films (yes, this means Blacula), tons of documentaries and the latest block busters. Such a great selection and in a visually appealing space to boot. Definitely check it out - your local Blockbuster does not even compare. - J

Invisible Cinema:

319 Lisgar Street

Ottawa, ON K2P 1T6

(613) 237-0769

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