Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Wardrobe Stylist

Today's post is a little bit different than normal, but we are always open to new things here at Capital Oh, so here goes!

One of Ottawa's own fashion designers, Rania Abdulla, is showcasing her latest collection of menswear this week at Fashion Art Toronto (on until the 27th). Abdulla began designing the collection, Pairing Paisleys, in 2010, which she describes as clothing "tailored for the modern gent." The collection reflects the trendy, classy, and urban male and is intended to make the men who wear it feel handsome and luxurious. With a philosophy that states, "innovate, don't imitate," Abdulla strives to bring originality in her designs.

Aside from designing garments, Abdulla started her own styling consultant business called, The Wardrobe Stylist. Over the course of her seven year styling career in Ottawa, Abdulla has worked with a long list of high-profile clients which will only get longer. As a stylist, she noticed a lack of options for men who wanted to look put-together. Now, she is pursuing her true passion for designing and aiming to fill that void in fashionable menswear.

We're super excited for Rania to represent Ottawa's fashion scene in Toronto, and we wish her luck with the show! Go get 'em girl!

(If anyone is in Toronto on Wednesday, the 24th, you can check out her collection at Fashion Art Toronto, or you can check out The Wardrobe Stylist and see what Rania's all about!) - J

*photo by Mitch Lenet